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Redneck Coonhounds is owned by Art Harvey Jr. and family of West Newton, PA. Art and his family (wife Sue and 2 daughters Allie, and Sarah) live in the West Newton, PA area. Art "Dutch" Harvey is a member of the National Redbone Coonhound Assoc. and the American Redbone Coonhound Association, Laurel Highlands Coonhunters Association, and the PA Nite Hunters. Lifetime member of the National Rifle Association. Our kennel is strictly redbones and we have several good quality females and males at the house. We hunt the major redbone breed events every year and can be found at most local events. Over the years we have tried most of the other breeds as family and friends have had all of them, but we have decided to hunt/show Redbones exclusively. Unlike others we choose to hunt one breed and try to further the breed with our own contributions.

2010 was a great year for our hounds and hunting in UKC competitions for the family. Hot Spot finished to Grand Nite Ch. and won High Scoring Opposite Sex (Male) at 2010 National Redbone Days in Holmesville, OH. This was a goal of mine and it was a great feeling to get this accomplished. Hot Spot also won the 2 nd Place Nite Champion at the 2010 Southern National Redbone Championship in Cedar Grove, NC on Friday Night, PA Nite Hunters Mini Slam, the UKC Regional Qualifier held at Blairsville, PA, and several Grand Nite casts including the BBOA PA Spring Hunt in Meyersdale, PA, and a Grand Nite Cast at the Little Mountain Music Hunt in Blairsville, PA. Allie handled Hot Spot to wins at the Youth Hunt at National Redbone Days, she won the BBOA National Youth Hunt with Hot Spot, and she took 3rd Place at the PA State Youth Hunt in 2010 with Hot Spot. We have great luck with our hounds in 2009 and 2010 and finished many into Nite Champions (6 in past 2 years) and Spot into a Grand Nite Champion in 2010. Goals for 2011 include finishing Jet into a Grand Nite and running several of our young dogs into Nite Champions this year. We have several nice young dogs out of Spot, Gretchen, Rock and a nice young female out of the Dual Grand Red Ice.

References can be provided on all my hounds with any hunter at the local clubs here in W. Pa. and by several well known Redbone hunters. Well known Redbone hunters like Mr. Fred Moran of Sutersville, PA and Scott Perkey of Ruffsdale, PA have both hunted with my dogs on numerous occasions as I have with theirs. If you need something in the Redbone breed give me a call or e-mail and I will try and help you out.

• Junior handlers are Allie Harvey, who also writes a monthly news column in Coonhound Bloodline magazine and is 2009 UKC Horizon Award Nominee as well as a 2009 National Redbone Association Horizon Award Winner, and Sarah Harvey who is just starting to get the bug to hunt and show "her" dogs.

Redneck Coonhounds Breaking News

2013 Wins

In 2013 we put some UKC places on several young hounds including a First Place win on Twisted Sister, 2 more wins to Grand Nite on Ginger, and placed Hot Spot in the Top 100 of the UKC World Hunt.

2012 Wins

2012 Hunt wins included Grand Nite Ch. Rocky Top Jet was High Scoring Male and Overall High Scoring Redbone at 2012 Southern National Redbone Days All Red Hunt held Feb. 2012. Jet scored an impressive 775+. NITECH CH. Harveys Redneck Get Gone Ginger took 4th place in the same hunt held in Cedar Grove, NC. Ginger was handled by Art Harvey Sr. while Jet was handled by Art Harvey Jr.

Also in 2012 Hot Spot and Jet were both hunted in PKC events and both finished to PKC Champions. Jet was a final 4 dog twice at the 2012 Mountaineer Classic PKC Event. He was the only redbone to make the final four in this event. Hot Spot is qualified and will be hunting at the 2013 PKC Redbone Days event to be held in Illinois the weekend of Feb. 1-2, 2013.

2011 Wins

2011 National Redbone Days:

With Hot Spot retired from breed events after taking back to back National and American Redbone Days High Scoring Male we did not hunt Hot Spot at 2011 National Redbone Days. We hunted NITE CH Rocky Top Jet who came away with another win towards Grand Nite and High Scoring Male at the Saturday Night event. Jet finished to Grand Nite Champion 2 weeks later at the Meyersdale, PA club. Also at National Days Harvey's Redneck Getgone Ginger finished to Nite Champion with an impressive 675+ score and 4th place registered on Friday Night, handled by Shaun Van Dyke.
Jet Ginger

Hot Spot wins High Overall Scoring Male at the 2011 American Redbone Days

Hot Spot wins Overall High Scoring Male at 2011 American Redbone Days in Lagrange, IN. Hot Spot won Thursday's UKC Grand Nite Champion Cast, competing against Aftershock, Razor Sharp Spike, and Ironwood Kate in his cast Spot came away with a cast win. On Friday Spot drew out with Rage and Wade's Big Red in another Grand Nite Cast and came away with a second win. On Saturday night Hot Spot drew out with Mark Marshall handling him and he came back with a dead cast (no coon seen). These cast wins were enough to make him the 2011 Overall High Scoring Opposite Sex (Male) at 2011 American Redbone Days. Back to Back with 2010 National Redbone Days and 2011 American Redbone Days High Scoring Opposite Sex is something we never thought we could get!

'PR' Harveys Redneck Get Gone Ginger wins High Scoring Dog at the 2011 Southwest PA Championship with 950+, no minus. Ginger then backed this up with another first place in the mountains of central PA handled by Shaun Van Dyke. One more cast win and we will add another Nite Champion female to the kennel!

NITECH CH. 'PR' Morans Midnight Tiger Rose takes 10th place at ALL RED HUNT at Southern National Redbone Days. NITECH Rocky Top Jet picks up his third win to Grand Nite with a 4th Place NITE CHAMPION Place at the 2011 Winter Classic in Albany, GA.

Hot Spot wins High Scoring Male at the 2010 National Redbone Days

Hot Spot wins High Scoring Male at the 2010 National Redbone Days held in Holmesville, OH. Hot Spot has 3 cast wins and takes High Scoring Opposite Sex at the 2010 National Redbone Days. Allie won the Thursday night Youth Hunt hunting Spot, and Art and Spot drew out in 2 tough casts on Friday and Saturday and managed to come back to the club house with 2 more cast wins to win the Opposite Sex (Male) this year. Spot drew out with Purina dogs both on Friday and Saturday (including the leading dog on Saturday) and won both nights. He was beat out by good friends Tim and Jesse Brewin with their Miss Piggy dog for High Scoring Overall and congradulations goes out to their family for the great accomplishment. Pops Brewin has waited along time for this hunt win and he and Jesse deserve it.

Spot is now a Grand Nite Champion and Champion

Spot has finished to Grand Nite Champion as of 04/09/2010. Spot completed an impressive run to Grand Nite Champion in the Winter of 2009-2010. He got all 5 of his Grand Nite Champion wins with the leaves off and had some pretty impressive scores while doing it. His first win was in November '09 with 850+, scored over 425+ in each of the next three and final win score was 775+ in April 2010. This dog scores and when you get to the tree you will see a coon. Thanks to my daughter Allie he is also a Bench Show Champion and she says that she will make him a Grand Show also. Spot won the Pa Nite Hunters Mini Slam with 537.5+ with only one other cast scoring on coon and in 12+ inches of snow which impressed alot of people. Spot also won second place Nite Ch. at 2010 Southern Redbone Days in February with 425+. These were not feeder bucket coon but wild coons. If you have a nice female and are considering looking for the right stud dog give us a call and you can hunt with Spot to see for yourself.

Keystone Redbone Connection wins at Southern Redbone Days 2010

Nite Ch. 'PR' Morans Midnight Hot Spot wins 2nd Place Nite Champion out of 60 plus nite champion dogs with 425+ and adds another win towards Grand Nite. This occurred on Friday night the 19th of February. This makes his 3rd win to Grand Nite and we got many compliments from all the other handlers in the cast (2 Walkers and an English, all males) saying how Spot looked real nice and did a good job in the win.

Left to Right- Fred Moran, Dave Barker, Dutch Harvey, Art Harvey Sr., and Scott Perkey Jr

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